Why do we need expensive eye cream?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Why do we need expensive eye cream?

Eye creams are very costly nowadays but do we really need them?

Should an eye cream cost Rs 25,000 or more? Is an expensive eye cream really worth paying big bucks for?

That's the buzz in beauty circles as newer eye creams have arrived on the scene, each more expensive than the last. A certain eye cream that is infused with platinum costs the earth as also other newer creams that contain all kinds of amazing ingredients. While eye creams were earlier only derived from fruit, natural oils, algae, trees etc, today they are being laced with very expensive ingredients which add to the cost.

But the big question is, do women need such expensive eye creams, at all or any eye cream at all? Most beauty experts say that it is very important to use an eye cream, but your choice of product should depend more on what your concern is, not on what you are willing to spend on it. For some people, even Vaseline will do to keep the eye area moisturised while other women might need something far more concentrated. But a well known beauty experts feels it is not a great idea to spend so much money on an eye cream unless the products are truly miraculous and if so, it has to prove itself over time.

When you choose an eye cream, do so by first taking a long, hard look in the mirror. If you need depuffing around the eye area, choose a product with a depuffing agent like caffeine, chamomile or cucumber. If you need help with dark circles, use a retinol based cream at night. If it's only protection that you need, buy an eye cream that contains sunscreen.

It is important to remember not to buy a product only in accordance to its price. If you have serious eye area concerns, a very expensive eye cream might just be what you need. But do a market survey first and revisit your mirror before buying any eye cream in the store.

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