Why do we women do the liitle things?

Sep 9, 2011

Here is something that I came across in the Hindu Metro Plus. Please take a look at this link The Hindu : Metro Plus Chennai / Gender : Those little things

Why do we women do the liitle things that have no logical reason....Craig hit a nerve in me. Is this really true? Are we being stereotyped here...

I know my husband sometimes (ok may be a little more than sometimes) feels the way Craig does? Do all men feel that way. How about the men in all your lives ladies?

What do you ladies think about this article.

Waiting for your responses


Commander's of Penmai
May 28, 2011
hi rithanya,
iam here expressing my views about this topic...

women do such things because of insecured feeling or they may be stressed(any reason... healthwise or mentally). this is y we do such things. men are also reason for such things. some guys wont express their love to their wife properly. they love them but they consider it is not necessary to show it. this is one reason for insecured feel of the girl.

some husbands tell their wifes about their past love stories... even some guys say about a beautiful girl working with him. i think they want to irritate girls sometimes... make her possessive about him... but doing this a lot... make the girl to think the guy is not loving her... automatically she thinks he is in love with someone and leave her... this is one reason i could think... there are lot of things....

one solution is: express love in all age... that is not a mistake to accept that we love our hus/wife. dont irritate her by telling beauty of other girls... be truthful...and love ur wife, she will definitely love u more....

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