Why do you Marry ???


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Dec 13, 2011
Marriage is said be a triumph of hope over experience. This is the only social contract that has worked till now due to some religious touch. Family is the basic unit of the society. The society's most essential and debated institution is marriage. Marriage is an adventure. How to make it last, a life time? There is no such thing as a perfect marriage or a perfect spouse. Marriage is what you make of it. Things can go horribly wrong.

In arranged marriages, Two strangers with nothing in common other than a vague attraction, agree to spend their lives together. and the so called love-marriages where couple think they have understood each other, are not stable. Previously this institution of marriage lasted life time because of commitment from spouses and families divorce was considered a biggest social disgrace. why is modern marriage struggling for survival?

Marriage can be both heaven or hell to a person.marriage is maddening, frustrating, unpredictable for some and also bliss for some even today.For some couple instead of life -time partnership it has become life time sentence. I feel the rules and meaning of marriage should be different in the coming period. Otherwise we are going to see more divorces and broken families in india also.

I request all the friends on tree to give their honest views on marriage ,and do they think a change in design and structure and expectation from marriage has to be altered? And they can also share all the quotations and some rare incidences of marriage. Marriage should ultimately lead to the spiritual upliftment of the couple and their children and definitely it should not be the cause of destruction of the individuals.

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