Why Men Love Having Freedom


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Why Men Love Having Freedom

Giving him his freedom, could potentially save your relationship or future relationships!

Women have the impression that men are commitment phobic beasts, as opposed to saying “I Love You” as they are to snuggling after a night of passion. It may come as a surprise to many ladies that guys have the same desire to find the perfect mate as they do, but there are some definite guidelines that need to be adhered to if you want him to fall for you.

It may seem counterproductive, but in order to get your man to get closer, you have to be prepared to give him his freedom. That’s not to say that he should be allowed to go out and do as he pleases every night of the week, but giving him permission to hang out with the boys, or go to see his favorite sports team, will allow him to see that you are not the clingy, needy type, which is a huge turn off for guys. Allowing him that space is the equivalent of playing hard to get, and makes you all the more desirable.

It’s very well-known that most men love their Mother’s more than anything, or anyone, else in the world, so taking the time to get to know his Mom and trying to build a relationship with her will go a long way to endearing yourself to your man. Of course the whole thing could backfire if the two of you simply can’t get along, but more often than not he will appreciate that you made the effort.

Many men are considered to be strong, silent types, so when he does speak about something personal, or about fears he may have, be sure to listen carefully. Encourage him if when talks about his goals and ambitions, and compliment him when he tells about something good he did. Men are very much like kids in this regard, and praising them on a job well done, rather than focusing on any trivial faults will go a long way to get him down that road to loving you.

Men are very visual creatures, so use your looks and sense of style to your benefit; applying make-up and putting on his favorite outfit while he watches will create a sense of intimacy that he knows no other man gets to see. Just keep it sensual and classy, that is until you both decide it shouldn’t be that way anymore.

Doing all of the above things shows that you are a confident woman, secure in her mind and body, and those are all traits that are very attractive to men. Don’t get caught up in the myth that all men want is a submissive, mousy woman, because behaving that way is the surest way to drive a man off.

Be strong, be confident, and go get your man.

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