Why Most Women Hate Sports?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
[h=1]Why Most Women Hate Sports?[/h]
There are many brilliant sportswomen in the world. We mean no offense to you ladies, but the vast majority of your sisters do hate sports. The fact that women hate sports is a bit of stereotype. It is a staple diet of 'guy advertisements'; that is, television commercials that show how a man has to beg, borrow steal from his wife/girlfriend to watch sports. We laugh at it and move on.

But, a little introspection is necessary here. It is not enough to say that women hate sports. We have to answer "Why". What women want from their men can hardly be without a reason. And if they want to banish sports from their lives, we must know why.

Why Do Women Hate Sports?
1. Firstly because men love it! Life would be so boring if there was no battle between the genders. If men did not have to make excuses to watch their favourite team matches, then every marriage would be just perfect. It is a matter of natural and opposing instincts.

2. What women want is complete attention from their men. Sports snatched the limelight for a few hours and women feel left out. If somebody does not share your craze, they can misunderstand the place that sports has in the life of men.

3. Women hate sports for the same reason that men hate shopping. It is simply because they do not understand it is important. While men dread the shopping sprees of their wives and girlfriends, women dread premier league matches that go on late in the nights.

4. When men watch sports, they totally forget that another living being exists in the same house. Whether there is a bomb blast in the city or the best movie ever playing on other channels, they are reluctant to loose control of the remote control. So, from that we can infer that women don't hate sports. What women really want is the
freedom to watch soap operas or any other intellectually stimulating form of entertainment while their men keep sticking to the television set.

5. Sports is a 'guy thing'. That is what is told to the poor girls by mothers, aunts and friends. This kind of early social belief shapes the future attitudes of a female child. Women are less accepting of sports because they think it is not for them. You need to be a social errant or a tomboy to break out that mold. And everybody cannot be an exception.

Sports is mostly misunderstood by women. If your wife, girlfriend or sister hates sports, you can start by explaining the rules of the game to them. When they start comprehending it, interest in sports will come on its own.


Guru's of Penmai
Penman of Penmai
Dec 4, 2011
Thank you mam, its very useful one , its help us to understand the why it is hated by women, and also i agree with you that sports is based on interest .

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