Why opposites make a great pair


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Why opposites make a great pair

Love is certainly a mysterious thing and we often wonder how people who are complete opposites, manage to make a great pair. Here are some of the potential reasons as to why opposites attract...

Complement each other
Your partner's differences should enhance you. You always do not require the perfect person to make a great match with. Instead you need someone who complements your weaknesses and your strengths. For example, if you are shy, ideally you should have someone who is the outgoing sorts.

Most of the times opposites attract because we subconsciously look for someone who has the qualities that we admire and would like to have ourselves. Being with this sort of a person can open up new possibilities.

Enjoying the difference
The best part about being with someone who is completely opposite to us, is to enjoy the differences that we share. When opposites attract, it gives them the opportunity to interact and be with someone unlike them. This is one of the real bonus when it comes to relationships — it helps couples balance the relationship well.

Feel good factor
A lot of times you end up feeling great about yourself, because you can openly talk about your issues with someone who holds a different opinion. Think: Would you like it if your partner agreed on everything you said? Isn't it fun to have someone in your life who does not agree with you on everything!

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