Why Soda Drink is so harmful for our Health??


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Sep 3, 2012
Soda drink is quite famous with the name of soft drink. Its sparkling and cooling taste attracts people to have it in large amounts. But can you believe that, this party-flair has so many dreadful side effects!! This one can really damage your whole body system, forever! Although, its made with water, but its mixed with innumerable harmful ingredients. Here is a list of some of the main damages that a soft drink can cause. Knowing them will help you discover a shocking side of this beverage..

Weak bones- A high content of phosphoric acid in this drink turns your bones weak and causes tooth decay. After its prolonged use, you can get into the trap of some severe bone disorders like osteoporosis.

Artificial sweeteners- This crafted sugar is rich in only empty nutrients and found in sodas. So, even after having 4-5 cans of this drink, you may not get a 'fuller' feeling which may make you crave for more drinks. So, this habit can lead to an overweight issue.

Caramel color- Its a cosmetic color containing cancer-causing properties.Soft drinks are made with caramel just to increase the flavor.
Formaldehyde- After the digestion of diet sodas, they break into formaldehyde, a carcinogenic element.

Fructose corn syrup- Its taken out from corns and added to soft drinks. This one can enhance your body fat, cholesterol level and triglycerides. They can invite the troubles of heart and high blood pressure disorders.

Preservatives - This beverages contains a Preservative called Potassium Benzoate. It breaks down into benzene which turns into a cancerous substance when kept in the Sun.

Food Dyes - They are added in this drink and have the tendency to cause the problem of impaired brain functions, hyperactivity, poor concentration and unbalanced impulse rate.


So, the decision is solely Yours, whether you continue with the habit of drinking these soft-drinks or shift on to some healthy beverages!!


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