Why wedding ring is placed in ring finger?


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Jun 28, 2011

This article is to the reason why the [COLOR=#darkgreen][FONT=inherit ! important][FONT=inherit ! important]wedding [/FONT][FONT=inherit ! important]ring[/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR] is worn in the ring finger. Many argue that it is nothing to do with emotions or love but this article will give you a reason to why it is done. This article will also provide information to when the concept of wedding ring came into existence.

Love is an emotional feeling which is one but has many faces and meaning. Love is between parents and children, love is between siblings, love is between friends, and love is between a male and a female. God created female and male for each other and attraction is inevitable. This attraction leads to friendship and develops into love gradually. There are reasons for love which culminates into marriage. But love before marriage is a mirage, where emotions are froth not rocks.

Tradition of wedding ring

In the western world the wedding ring is the mark of identification that the person is wedded. This tradition came from the Roman culture ‘annulus pronubis’. Annulus pronubis was when the male used to give a ring to the female at a betrothal ceremony. The reason of wearing the ring in the left ring finger was that many considered the left ring finger to be vena amoris having direct contact to the heart thus being a symbol of love. This tradition of wearing the ring in the left ring finger ages back to 11 century.

In some of the European countries the practice of wearing a ring in the left ring finger was prior to marriage and the ring was to be transferred to the right hand ring finger during the ceremony. This tradition of changing the ring from left to right was practiced by the Greek Orthodox brides also.

The tradition of wearing a wedding ring in the right hand ring finger was seen at the Orthodox Christian countries. But this was not followed by the Jewish and the wedding ring was worn by the bride in the index finger, reasoning the index finger to be the most prominent finger.

Muslims is the only community in the world who are not following this tradition as a hard and fast rule but in the present time the [COLOR=#darkgreen][FONT=inherit ! important][FONT=inherit !important]fashion[/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR] is coming in and they only for the reason of fashion, whereas the wedding has nothing to do with the wedding ring.

Left hand is considered to be inauspicious and thus the wedding ring is worn in the right hand, but the effect of the western culture is changing the old traditions.

Wedding ring in left ring finger

There are reasons for wearing wedding ring in the left ringer finger, let’s do an experiment here to reason why it is a popular tradition.
Following steps will make you understand the miracle which is related with this phenomenon:

• Bend your center finger and join as shown in the figure. (Fig No. 1)

Figure No. 1
• Now rest the thumb and the fingers tip to tip. The exercise [COLOR=#darkgreen][FONT=inherit ! important][FONT=inherit !important]starts[/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR] now. Remove the thumbs which keeping the rest of the fingers in their place. (Fig No. 2)

Figure No. 2
• Rejoin the thumbs and now remove the index finger as you have done with the thumbs. (Fig No. 3)

Figure No. 3
• Now do similarly for the small fingers. (Fig No. 4)

Figure No. 4
• Try the same thing for the ring fingers and see what happens?

Reason for this act

Thumbs represent parents. Who are mortal and will leave us one day.

Index fingers represent brothers and sisters, who will one day, have their own families and will leave you.

Small fingers are symbolic to your children. They will have their own [COLOR=#darkgreen][FONT=inherit ! important][FONT=inherit !important]lives[/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR] and probably go their own way leaving you behind.

The ring finger are not separating to the reason that it is symbolic to husband and wife. Who come into wedlock and remain there till they commit a stupid thing of divorce. The life after divorce is hell for both the partners and it is said that only dead can part the life partners finally.

Sumathi Srini
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Nov 26, 2011
Nice thinking....my engagement is also going to take place after 1 month.so i also purchased a cute ring from online jewellery shop of Luluguinness.They have very good collection of earings,rings and necklace.


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May 28, 2011
hi sumathi,
informativeaaga aarambitthu touchinga mudichiteenga... padikka padikka swarasyamaaga irundhadhu friend...


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Oct 24, 2011
Nice article. I enjoyed it. Interesting....

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