Why You Should Eat A Salad?


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Jun 8, 2011
Wonder why you should eat a salad regularly? A salad is very healthy, and that is why most people love to include it in their meals. You must have noticed that almost all restaurants have green salads in their menu. If you want to choose a better lifestyle and eating habits then you too must make a habit of consuming a salad on regular basis. A salad is not only healthy, but very tasty too. You can make many varieties of salads and use a different dressing each time. So, let us check out the reasons that makes it very important to eat salads regularly.

Fibre- A salad is mostly made of fruits and vegetables. Salads are rich in dietary fibres. It helps in reducing constipation and cholesterol in blood. Fibre is very important to maintain healthy and proper bowel movements. Eat salad to include fibre in your diet. It is very essential for a healthy metabolism. So, if you hate eating vegetables this is the most healthy way to supplement fibre into your food.

Keeps You Full- Want to keep yourself full with a healthy meal? Eat a salad. Starch in the ingredients of a green salad keeps you feeling full. It also reduces the hunger cravings. So, if you want to go for a diet there is no healthier way to do so than eating salads.

Shed Flab- A salad is very healthy also because it is very low in its calorie content. All the vegetables and fruits used in salad are primarily in the raw form or are slightly cooked. Thus they are very low in calories and are an ideal choice for dieters. But, at the same you should be careful not to include high fat items like mayonnaise as a dressing for the salad. Or else it will all be of no use and the calorie intake will still be on the higher side.

Goodness Of Veggies- Vegetables and fruits are a rich source of minerals and vitamins. Our blood level is enriched with powerful antioxidants like lycopene, beta-carotene etc. They protect our body from damage by harmful free radicals. And the best veggies for your salads are peas, beans, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes etc.

Immunity- If you eat salad on a regular basis it is going to strengthen your immunity a lot. The vitamins and minerals present in them provide you protection against a host of diseases like cancer, kidney stones, osteoporosis, stoke etc.

Keep all these factors in mind and eat salads in your daily meals to stay healthy.

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