Why you should eat zucchini


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Jul 5, 2011

Why you should eat zucchini

Shaped like a cucumber, with the outer skin either dark green or yellow, this vegetable has many health benefits

Not many know that the zucchini is also known by other names like squash and summer squash. The vegetable, which belongs the Cucurbitaceae family and is related to the melon and cucumber, is like tomatoes — though used as a vegetable, botanically it is a fruit. Not used much in Indian dishes, zucchinis are an integral part of many foreign cuisines — traditional Italian, French, British, Spanish, Mexican and modern American. The best thing about zucchini is that it can be cooked as well as consumed raw. We tell you why zucchini should be a regular part of your diet.

- If you suffer from a vitamin C deficiency, zucchinis are great for you. Skin problems, like scurvy, that are caused due to vitamin C deficiency, can be kept at bay. It also contains anti-ageing properties — because of anti-oxidants — and anti-inflammatory properties. The vegetable is great for your skin.

- Phosphorus and magnesium found in zucchini are useful in maintaining healthy bones. It helps women to keep osteoporosis at bay.

- Zucchinis contain magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, copper, folate and riboflavin, making it highly nutritious. Other vital nutrients include zinc, protein, iron, calcium and vitamin K.

- Zucchinis contain vitamin A and a compound lutein, which help reduce eye problems.

- Regular intake of zucchinis can reduce painful symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

- Suffering from constipation? Turn to zucchinis, as they contain fibre and also help to prevent the risk of colon cancer.

- Risk of heart problems and strokes can be minimised to an extent as consuming this vegetable regularly helps to lower homocysteine levels, which cause strokes. Also, eating them regularly is said to reduce the risk of multiple sclerosis.
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