Wild Crafted Shea Oil for Your Skin to Look Younger

Jan 6, 2011
Unrefined Shea oil is one of nature’s best secrets for a younger looking skin. It has nourishing oil that is rich in vitamins A, E, and F and some nutrients such as fatty acids. The unrefined composition of Shea oil makes it more smoothing and soothing to your skin that balance or restore skin aging.

To produce the needed Shea oil, women in West Africa has to wake up at dawn to go to the location of Karite trees nearby. They had to pick up each precious Shea nuts and load them into baskets. It takes for a day to acquire the finished end products which is the Shea oil; it starts from cracking the ripe Shea nuts and a series of processes to make it into Shea oil.

After that modern companies and businessman buys the Shea oil needed as an ingredient in cosmetics and other beauty products. Imagine how it was harvested and processed to accommodate the necessities in the modern skin care solutions of today. If these products were of no therapeutic value, these women of Africa and cosmetics companies may not go to hardships to acquire this Shea butter. Well, it has proven that it could cure almost all skin problems and even helps you look younger.

You may found an unpleasant scent as you apply Shea oil in your skin. The unpleasant scent can be nutty or Smokey scent and fades away after application. Its reason is due to some exotic properties of vitamins and nutrients of Shea oil. In other words its fragrance is worth tolerating with incomparable skin smoothness that gives you a much younger skin.

Before you go to bed take a small amount of Shea oil and placed it in the palms of your hand. And in front of the mirror apply it into your face, in your neck, around your eyes, feet, heels, and elbows. Do this every night for 4 to 6 weeks as your beauty enhancement strategy. The Shea oil will go deeper in your skin and will result to a much soft and smoother younger skin.

Aside from giving you a beautiful skin it also provides treatment to other skin problems. Shea oil has properties of anti-inflammatory ingredients which is phytosterol. Due to its unique contents it can protect your skin from bad weather, from the heat of sun, from aging, and from other skin irritations or problems.

Your sebaceous glands produce natural oil for your skin to eliminate dead cells. It functions well but as you get old, the sebaceous gland needs an agent to stimulate it in producing natural oil. Shea oil has the same ingredients that sebaceous glands usually produce. They are the fatty acids which are effective agents in giving you a smooth and younger skin.

The form and products of Shea oil are sold such as lotions, shampoos, bar soaps, creams, hair conditioner, and anti-aging creams and serums. Try to buy Shea oil products to support the women of Africa in harvesting and processing more Shea oil for everyone around the world.

Source: Solidity Trade Blog
May 26, 2011
Where can i get this oil in chennai. And how much will it cost? I also wanted to buy Jojoba oil, and some other essential oils. I have changed my regime to oils from creams. Instead of body moisturises, now i am using Sweet almond oil. It gives a good texture to skin, also enhances the body complexion. The main advantage is, Oil is free from chemicals unlike creams.

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