Woman with Double uterus delivers twin boys at Ishwarya Fertility Center


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Jun 2, 2012
In a rare medical case, a 27-year-old woman, married for five years with hardly any hope of concieving due to the presence of two uteruses in her body, recently delivered two baby boys through a caesarean operation held at a fertility centre in Palani near Chennai.

Kavita (name changed) was informed by some doctors that there was no chance of her becoming pregnant because of the presence of two uteruses. She also was affected by a rare congenital anomaly called uterus didelphus in which two cervix and two vaginal introitus is present.

Kavita approached Dr.S.Chandralekha with her case and after regular treatment for two months, the latter decided to take the test tube route.

Dr Chandralekha conducted the operation at the Iswarya Fertility Centre by transferring the two embryos to a woman with unusual uterine cavities.

“Kavita and her husband came to our Centre with a problem of not having a child.We went through their records and found that this lady had two uterus, which is abnormal. After a check up, we found the reason for the infertility was not only the double uterus,but also some sperm factors. So, we decided to go for a test tube baby,” Dr. Chandralekha said.

The two male babies are healthy, with each weighing 2.5 kg and 2.7 kg, respectively.

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