Woman's 'Mr Perfect' changes with her age


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Jul 5, 2011
Woman's 'Mr Perfect' changes with her age

Ladies, your age may influence your idea of a 'perfect man' ! The research in match.com's annual LoveGeist report found that a woman's age will often dictate the different characteristics they look for in a partner. The study tracked Britain's changing attitudes towards dating and relationships, and also disproved the notion that standards drop later in life, as women over 55 were shown to be most picky about who they date, the 'Daily Mail' reported.

The study found that young women in the age group of 18 to 24 want a man they can show off to their friends with 47% saying they want someone their friends would approve of. They are also suckers for a six-pack and are most willing to date a man in better physical shape than them. A man who shared their tastes in music, films and books is very important to this age group.

In the age range of 25 to 34, two thirds women list ambition as a key desirable trait in a man. Sexual compatibility is also more important at this age than at any other stage in their lives for women.

Women aged 35 to 44 look to settle down and are most likely to have their head turned by an older man. At least 73% would be willing to date someone more than five years their senior. Social graces are also an absolute must-have at this stage in life. Less than 1% of the females surveyed said they would date a man with bad manners.

Security is a key concern in women aged 45 to 54, with 95% looking to find a partner with whom they felt secure.

Finding a man with a high income is as important to this age group as any other but they are less picky about who they date.

In contrast to those just a few years younger, women aged 45-54 are most likely to consider dating a younger man. Fifty-four per cent would be willing to date someone more than five years younger, the study found.

In later life, women look for more cerebral delights.

Intelligence and shared values are more important to the over-55 s, as is sharing a similar sense of humour . However, women don't drop their standards as they get older. In fact, those aged 55 and over are pickier about who they romance than at any other age.


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Jul 26, 2012
thanks viji for bringing such an interesting news about what the aged women expects and what type of companion they choose from the society.

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