Women Love Men Who Can Cry


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Women Love Men Who Can Cry

Men who can cry are a rarity. Normally, men would happily deny the existence of their tear glands if they could. Crying does not go very well with the Macho image that they would like to keep. According to men, showing emotions is a sign of weakness. We will not get into the justification for this thought but dwell a little more on the type of men who don't mind shedding a few tears.

These days most women love men who can cry or rather, are willing to cry. Let us take a closer look at why women want their men to shed tears.

Why Women Love Men Who Cry?
They find it cute: Women think that men who can shed tears are cute. Now the dictionary meaning of 'cute' may be ugly but bearable. But in the language of women, cute stands for a guy who can tug at your heart strings. What women really want is men who can cry for them. They do not want men to walk away dried eyed when the are dumped!

Some like it soft: Men who cry could not possibly have a heart of stone. Women perceive such men as soft hearted people who will be easy to manipulate. If you can make him cry, then you can also make him do your bidding. So what women really want is man who can be 'handled' easily.

Macho men are out: Women simply hate macho men these days. The modern alpha woman is independent and strong. She does not need a shoulder to cry or lean on. That is why women find macho men to be chauvinistic. Women prefer men who do not shy away from shedding tears as they do not have warped ideas about masculinity.

Never crying is fake: We are all human beings at the end of the day and no one is without weaknesses. Every person feels the emotions of pain, grief and anger. So if a guy never cries, then he is just faking it. He is pretending to be stronger than others. Women don't seem to like this pretence. It robs you of the human element in a relationship.

There is a mother in every girl: Women just love to 'mother' their men. Maternal instincts are their in the toughest of women. When a man cries and shows his vulnerability, women start seeing him as their 'little boy'. Their maternal instinct rushes out to protect the poor little boy. What women really what is to take the place of the mother in their man's life. So if you can appeal to her maternal instincts by shedding a few tears, then you have got your girl.

These are some of the reasons why women love men who cry. Does anything else strike you as a good reason for this?

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