Women scared to check for breast cancer


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Jul 5, 2011
A third of women do not check their breasts for any odd lumps and bumps because they are too scared of what they might find, a new study has found.

Meanwhile, more than half of the women said they fail to perform regular checks because they have not been taught to do it routinely.

According to lead researcher Professor Janet Reibstein, women should check their breasts once a month and girls should be shown how to check themselves by the age of 13.

Prof Reibstein from Exeter University insisted that it was important to get women into the habit of checking their breasts when they are young as the risk rises steadily with age.

While one in 2,000 women will develop breast cancer by the age of 29, one in 22 will have had it before they hit 60.

Reibstein pointed to the finding from the Avon commissioned survey of 2,000 women, that 55 percent said they would be more likely to check their breasts if it was a regular habit integrated into their grooming routine.

"As the Avon report shows, fear and anxiety do not always encourage better habits, especially if you don''t see yourself at much risk," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

"Breast checking needs to start young. As a young woman, not only are you becoming conscious of your body, but it's the point in your life when you set up many routines that will last a lifetime," she said.

The five most common signs of breast cancer include lumps, change of skin texture, rash or crusting, change in appearance of nipples and nipple discharge.
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