Women versus men, a role reversal?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Women versus men, a role reversal?

We have compiled a dirty dozen list of theories that we think will be turned on their heads. Some in fact are almost there...

Have some more that you'd like to add? Be our guest, and add on

Here, then, goes our axiom upsets!

1. Women are actually better at reading maps; Men have trouble processing all that information, lines, and arrows in their nuts

2. Men stop by and ask for directions; Women just know where they're going

3. Men have the last word in an argument; Women switch off seconds after the argument starts gathering steam

4. Women take less than fifteen minutes to get ready; Men fuss, fret, tear their scant hair , and agonize much when it comes to getting ready

5. Men gossip and bitch more; Women prefer watching a game of football or lawn tennis over mindless tittle-tattle

6. Women are no good at multi-tasking, usually making a mess of everything , and stressing themselves out; Men can dexterously juggle between changing an infant's diaper, and making sure the milk on the stove doesn't boil over

7. Men resort to crying when overwhelmed by situations; Women use their tears more judiciously and sparingly, choosing to let their heads take over in a distress situation

8. Women's handbags are sparse and Spartan; Men carry their world in their briefcases or laptop bags, including antacid tablets, mouth fresheners, and, yes, that too.

9. Women wear the pants in the house; Men wear the apron

10. Women's attention span is less than five minutes; With men , you can pour your heart out and be assured of undivided attention

11. Women have mostly sex on their mind; Men can't think of love and lust in the same breath

12. Women's language is far more colourful than men's, peppered liberally with three, four, and even seven-letter words; Men wince every single time they hear a woman cuss

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