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Sep 3, 2012
Holy Basil brings Relief from Stress, Depression and Anxiety Naturally


Holy basil
(Ocimum sanctum) is a famous herb of India, known by the name, Tulsi. Holy Basilis one of the most valuable plants, used in the Indian medicinal system, Ayurveda. This plant is basically found in red and green colors which contain a clove-like flavor. For centuries, it has been used to treat a number of health problems like heart disorders,asthma, bronchitis, arthritis,fever and cold. In this series, holy basil is also very effective in bringing relief from stress, depression and anxiety naturally.

Today, almost every individual suffers one mild to severe strokes of stress and tension. But the use of some herbal remedies, like Tulsi, can cure your distressed and depressed mood without the intervention of any unwanted side effect. So, learn that how holy basil proves to be a boon for this purpose in this review..

[h=4]How Holy Basil Treats Stress??[/h]
Holy basil has the ability to make the stressed neurotransmitters of your brain normal and healthy. It does this favor by producing certain enzymes which control the anxiety level of the nerves of your mental system. This medicinal herb even increases your physical and emotional endurance and helps your immunity to built in a strong manner. This way, it gives a high hand in controlling the level and effect of stress on your body and mind. Another important property of holy basil which works for this purpose is that, it reduces the amount of cortisol hormone. An excessive emission of this hormone in your body results in the problem of a hefty stress. So taking holy basil helps to decrease its levels in your system.

[h=4]How you can Take Holy Basil to Control Stress??[/h]
For controlling the problem of stress and depression, you can take the tea or infusion of holy basil. Here is the way to make these remedies:

Holy Basil Tea- Drinking around two cups of holy basil tea helps to heal a distressed and depressed mood. For making it, just boil around 10-15 leaves of this herb in one cup of water. After this, strain the liquid and drink it warm. You can add honey if you like to sweeten it, but keep in mind, when you add honey, the water should not be hot, bit warm is okay.

Holy Basil Infusion- For this, boil around 20-25 leaves of holy basil in around two cups of water. Keep on boiling the water till the quantity reduces to half (one cup) and then strain it. Let this liquid turn lukewarm and then drink it.

Other ways- Just take around 4-5 leaves of this herb and clean them properly with water. After this, simply chew them and then drink some lukewarm water. This raw remedy will benefit to stimulate your mood and reduce your stress level.

Holy basil is a blessing for treating the problems of stress, anxiety and low mood disorders. You can increase its effect if you combat it with other lifestyle habits, like doing meditation, yoga and exercise for around half-an-hour to 45 minutes daily. In this way, the resistance of your body to fight with day-to-day worries will increase to a great level and you will be able to enjoy a superb health!!




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Jul 26, 2012
Thanks Gkarti,. Depression is most common problem nowadays. thanks for giving such practicable tips to remove depression.

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