Would you shop for a man?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Would you shop for a man?

A French dating site is promoting the same giving you the option to pick your type and put the man of your choice in a shopping cart.

The male gaze is already facing stiff competition from the female gaze, and a new French dating website is adding to this divide by treating men like products and allowing women to pick from the site and put men in their shopping carts. Men's profiles are featured as 'deals of the day' and have been categorised into slots including nerd, adventurer, beardless and bisexual. Will this tickle a funny bone or should men be appalled? We quiz both the sexes and find out if the sexist scales are tilting in favour of a skewed version of gender equality.

More about the site Called AdopteUnMec, the site allows ladies to pick the kind of man they would like to meet for an evening out. The idea is to give women plenty of choice and a bargain for their money, as you have to subscribe to get on board. How men feel about being treated like a product? Andrew D'Souza, an advertising professional, feels it's a matter of perception and how one wants to position themselves on the dating scene.

"Personally I hate the idea of being objectified and slotted into categories and being treated like an item on display at a supermarket. However, this may not be the case with other men, for some of them have gone ahead and provided testimonies on the site describing what they desire as their USP. From huggable qualities to their sexual status, it's put out there, seeking contact with like-minded women." Harish Seth, a marketing executive, adds, "I see no harm in it. People tend to take things a tad too seriously at times.

Dating is all about having fun while you get to know someone. This concept is a leveller in that sense as it gives women the chance to be in the driver's seat, calling the shots, and it's all done in a playful way. So, I don't see why anyone would have a problem with it." What women think of men being under the female gaze?

Shivani Gade, a working professional believes that objectifying men or women has become a trend of sorts. It's hard to slot it as black or white as it's catering to a demand, and as long as people are okay with it it's fine." Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, Varkha Chulani, agrees with Shivani and adds, "I think women are coming into their own with regards to their sexuality and for the first time accepting that they can enjoy sex without love as much as if not more than sex with love! Now with this new sexual revolution they are willing to let their hair and clothes down and indulge from a basket of varied kinds.

This website helps in the resource availability! Speaks well for a woman's confidence in their sexual prowess and for once it is being stated unapologetically and without guilt or remorse." She goes on to say, "For once 'romance' is being downplayed and the 'real' thing is at the forefront. No problem really except that there are different strokes for different folks and to that extent everyone who treads there needs to know herself well enough and needs to choose whether they can handle what would ensue from this kind of experimentation." Dr Parul Tank, consultant psychiatrist, feels it's an interesting concept as it gives women a chance to screen guys before they decide to meet them. However, it can be dangerous because even though you are choosing men on the basis of personality types you can never be sure if what you see is what you get."

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