Wrinkles Under Eyes at Young Age!!!!


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Sep 3, 2012
Having a glowing and smooth skin forever is a dream every young heart cherishes. But certain uncertainties that young people might face are wrinkles under eyes. The melodrama of coping with this problem becomes really difficult when you are young and want a gorgeous skin. So, here is a guide to make you aware of the main reasons and some healthy treatments for this problem.

[h=4]What causes wrinkles under eyes at young age?[/h]
The main reason for the occurrence of wrinkles is the constant movement and blinking of eyes. Younger people tend to move their eyes too many times resulting in sagging of skin around eyes.

Another cause can be the loss of elasticity near eye area making the skin to loosen and changing into wrinkles.

Too much studying with deep concentration makes a person stressed resulting in wrinkles, lines of tension and fatigue to appear on face.

Sun's ultraviolet ray exposure to the skin also causes wrinkles as these rays make you age fast and dehydrates your skin.. Leaving it dry and harsh with wrinkled eyes.

Younger people are most often indulged in smoking, drinking and taking drugs which results in unhealthy skin proving in fatality of layers and creating wrinkles.

Some other factors that contribute to this problem in gouger people are wrong sleeping habits, strain, and usage of chemical products for beauty enhancement, allergies and genetics.

[h=4]How to Get Rid of Wrinkles Under Eyes[/h]
Have a good diet that is rich in protein and drink lots of water. Drink milk and eat milk products, if you are not allergic to milk. Always use sunscreen while going out in sun. Try certain facial exercising steps to tighten the skin. Wash your eyes without rubbing them.

Have proper sleep and stay away from stress and strain. You can bundle on fruit juices and vegetable soups. You can apply castor oil, fuller's earth and rose water as paste to your skin.. do not smoke or drink. Use coconut oil in cooking food. Pay attention to the way you talk, smile, and laugh. Shun the habit of frowning; it will help your eyes leave a good impression among others.

Eyes are the most blessed and important part of your body.. Besides this, there are many good notes and compliments you get for beautiful eyes.. so, everyone wants to have a beautiful skin around it. With healthy skin around your eyes you can have the pleasure of looking more attractive and also viewing everything around properly. Take Care!!


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Dec 2, 2011

Very good and useful info Karthi.

I think ALOE - VERA paste or cream will also help for this.


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Jul 26, 2012
Very good and important , most wanted , information ;thanks gkarti for having provided such vital information on wrinkles under the eyes

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