Yellow is the perfect colour of the season


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Yellow is the perfect colour of the season

Yellow, the colour of sunshine, is the hot and happening of this fashion season but it is a shade that needs to be worn carefully. Whether it is used as an accessory, like a yellow handbag or as a part of your attire like a yellow jacket, it is important to make it work with the rest of your clothes and your personality. Since it is a loud colour, it catches the eye instantly and any mistake you make will be spotted immediately.

Fashion designers, however, feel it is one of the happiest colours of the season. Says designer Archana Kochhar, "Yellow is the perfect colour of the season as it is associated with joy, happiness and energy. It is a very bold colour that allows people to express confidence. I am using bright spring and summer colours in my new collection and yellow is one of them, especially in neon and brights."

According to Archana, yellow goes well with all kinds of skin tones and looks best against Indian skin. "But yellow needs a blend of other solid colours to keep a balance. Also, yellow accessories look very chic when teamed with other bold colours. Chunky yellow bracelets or neck pieces are very trendy too. The shade can be teamed with black or white in an outfit."

Designer Pria Kataaria Puri has used shades of pale to bright yellow in her collection but finds that mango yellow and pineapple yellow are the most popular. "Yellow is a very flattering colour for Indian skin but the shade has to be bright and warm, not harsh. Wearing accessories like yellow hair bands, flowers, clips or a belt look great but yellow shoes and handbags need to be sported with great care so that they don't look tacky. But yellow is definitely a colour that will bring sunshine into your life and wardrobe."

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