yoga for children


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Jul 5, 2011
yoga for children

With television, computer and mobile games taking up most of the time that kids have after coming back from school, they are usually left with little time to go out for games.

"This is why in today's day and age the importance and significance of yoga increases. Yoga makes the body and mind strong, keeps you flexible, and increases the basic self-immunisation power."

yoga not only helps to stay alert and increases the concentration, but it also helps the growth and overall development.

hier are some asanas which can be practiced by kids/youngsters to achieve the desired results.

Urdhavhasta Yogmudra
Sit in Vajrasan (on folded legs, with heels spread apart and buttocks resting in between the V-shape created in between the heels. Keep the toes pointing towards each other) with the arms behind the back, the fingers are interlocked and the elbows are straight and stretched. Breathe out and bend forward so that the forehead touches the floor. (Those who are more flexible can touch their nose or chin on the floor as well). Lift the arms behind the back at a 90 degree angle to the
floor and the palms facing towards you. It is important to remember not to lift the buttocks in this position.

Stand on the knees, with shoulder-width distance between the feet. Inhale and roll hands over to the backside to place the palms on the heels one by one. Push waist forward to get that extreme stretch. Breathe normal and stay in this final pose. Inhale and roll hands back to normal position one by one.

Stand with the feet together and hands to the side of the body stretched at shoulder level. Breathe in and lift the hands above the head with palms touching, in the same breath, raise heels to balance body on the toes. Hold this position while breathing normal. Concentrate on a point in front of your eyes to successfully hold and balance in this position. Inhale and gradually touch heels back to the ground and lower the hands to get out of the pose of this asana.


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Apr 4, 2011
Thanks 4 sharing it... viji..

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