Yoga For Pregnant Women


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Jul 5, 2011
Pregnancy Yoga is sought by many pregnant women as an option for ensuring a safe and comfortable delivery and the popularity of this concept can be adjudged by the fact that nowadays there are many programs which specifically advertise as teaching yoga for pregnant women. There was a time in the past when pregnancy and exercise were considered as being ideal partners which went hand in hand for a hassle free delivery but this was soon replaced by the concept of yoga and pregnancy during the later years when people started having more faith in the healing power of yoga.

When you are pregnant, you have to learn good breathe techniques. You are also responsible for providing him/her with high quality oxygen from the air you breathe. A strong breathing mother will have better fitness for her pregnancy and provide a better life force for her child and for breathing I will suggest to go for ANULOM VILOM PRANAYAM. This pranayam help to control high blood pressure, depression, sinus and heart blockages. In ANULOM VILOM PRANAYAM take BREATHE IN from one nostril and BREATHE OUT from another nostril and start BREATHE IN from left nostril.

I am trying to explain some steps, hope will help:

1. Close your eyes
2. Close your right nostril with right thumb and BREATHE IN form left nostril and hold the breathe for moment
3. Now BREATHE OUT from right nostril
4. Then close your left nostril with ring and middle finger
5. BREATHE IN from right nostril and hold the breathe for moment
6. Then BREATHE OUT from left nostril
Now repeat these steps and practice for 5-6 minutes.

Suggested pranayamas for pregnant women :

• Vajrasana
• Padmasana
• Sukhasana
• Shavasana

Always end your Yoga session with this asana to relax your body. The meaning of relaxation is undoing tensed muscles and hence it is synonymous to reduction of pain.

The mantra of yoga and pregnancy is a gentle way in which the body can be kept active as well as supple without bearing too much strain which might have a disastrous consequence on one’s pregnancy. Apart from enabling the practitioner to stretch gently and indulge in self exploration, yoga for pregnant women has the following benefits:

* Yogic breathing and pranayam helps to overcome nausea as well as morning and evening sickness to a considerable extent which in turn prevents frequent mood swings from taking place.

* Having performed yoga throughout the three trimesters under the guidance of an expert, the woman can feel the benefit in form of muscular relaxation in the cervix and birth canal thus causing the pelvis to dilate and making the process of labor easier.

* Yoga for pregnant women greatly enhances the level of energy in women which in turn enables them to remain calm and focus on the daily activities.

* Yoga during the third trimester plays an instrumental role in relieving fluid retention and reducing the occurrence of cramps thus making this crucial phase much more comfortable than it otherwise would have been.

Women not only accrue benefits from pregnancy yoga but after delivery as well as practicing yoga during the post natal phase helps to restore the original shape of the body and reduces breast discomfort as well.

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