Yoga to melt love handles


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Jul 5, 2011
Yoga to melt love handles

Tips to get rid of love handles by yoga expert Shameem Akthar

Yogic side twists are ideal to crack through stubborn love handles. Apart from toning large muscle groups, these poses also work by massaging and pressing into the liver, helping with fat removal.

Kati Chakrasana (Standing spinal twist)
Stand up straight.
Feet a foot apart.
Inhale, hug yourself with both hands.
Exhaling, twist to right, looking over right shoulder. Try to see your left heel.
Inhale, return to center.
Exhale, twist to left, looking over left shoulder, trying to see your right heel.
Inhale, return to center.
This is one round. At first attempt you can do up to ten rounds.
Slowly increase rounds up to 30 or more, as per capacity, doing each round dynamically but with full breath awareness.

Avoid: If you have lower backache.

- Tummy trimmer, tightens sagging abdomen, wears fat along the torso.
- Ups digestion, metabolism and fat-release from liver.
- Is preventive in spinal disorders.
- Therapeutic in diabetes

Parivritti trikonasana (Twisted triangle)
Stand up straight.
Feet a meter apart.
Adjust feet so right foot is slightly flared out, left foot points straight in front.
Inhale. Spread arms at shoulder level.
Exhaling, slide right hand down along the right leg till it reaches low, touching right ankle.
Hold the pose, breathing normally.
Left hand is held over head or continues at shoulder level.
Focus attention on the hand overhead or look straight ahead.
Inhale, return to starting position.
Now repeat entire sequence for the other side.

Avoid: If you have lower back ache.

- Is a super love-handle trimmer.
- Rest of benefits, same as above poses.
- It also tones the inner legs, shaping them.
- Is used for knee pain alleviation.

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