Your cellphone can ruin your relationship


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Your cellphone can ruin your relationship

Okay, this may sound completely trivial when you have issues like cheating and abuse. But trust us when we say this, being too absorbed by technology can also ruin a perfectly functioning relationship. Yes, women can multi-task but what they can't do is avoid the circumstances that follow after that.

Everyone nowadays walks around glued to their cell phone screens. Our generation has grown up with that and we cannot really help. "In our generation, we never had any of these", is a very common sentence from parents. Oh well, we can't really blame anybody for being born in this generation, can we? Coming back to the topic where digital forms of communication could wreck your relationship, it is a possibility. Would you like to be spoken to with minimal attention? "I hate it when men look at their phones all the time. I understand they have work but it makes us feel unimportant and worthless. Would he like it if I did the same?" asks Priya Sriram. What Priya feels is the same loads of women feel.

And it's not just the men who are wrong here, mind you! Even women have an equal role to play here. Sanjay Nair, an accountant feels that his girlfriend of 2 years doesn't give him attention as she is always texting. "She might be listening to me, I don't know. But for me, eye contact is essential for a good conversation and when I don't get that I have the feeling she isn't really listening to me," says Sanjay.

Texting is important, we agree. But not to the extent where you have to completely disregard someone's presence in the moment. It's easy to arrange a date, a dinner, a shopping trip with a friend with your phone. BUT, over do this and you can lose your partner.

Tips that you should do/should not do:

-Don't text and date:
This is just uncool. Your partner requires your complete attention when you're together. Sending a text when at a dinner or a movie just makes him/her feel uncomfortable and makes them want to leave. Occasionally, lifting your head up and smiling doesn't work. (We know you do that)

- Checking your phone incessantly:
This is extremely annoying for the other person. Your constant glancing into your phone will unsettle your partner and if he/she has a little bit dignity left in her then she/he would leave the place. It also shows that you are needy and desperate for some kind of attention. Wait till you get home and then check. The minimum thing you can do is give some attention to your partner.

- Switch off phones/Silent mode:
When you are having a private date, dinner, evening at home make sure you switch off your phone. Nothing kills a mood like a call. And yes, that also goes if you're having an intimate session with your partner.

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