Your choice of fabrics lies in your hormones


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Your choice of fabrics lies in your hormones

Wondering why some of us love to wear cotton or linen than silk? Well, it's all in the hormones.

According to new study, a woman's hormones affect her taste in fabrics and textures.

The study found that 'estrogen-driven' women prefer animal fabrics such as wool, fur, leather and silk, while 'testosterone-driven' females tend to choose vegetal fabrics such as cotton and linen. The research also found that men tend to be more sensitive than women to synthetic fabrics.

Diana Derval, a market researcher, conducted the study. Between April 2007 and February 2011, her firm, DervalResearch, studied the preferences of 3500 men and women from 25 countries.

Gender, ethnicity, and immune system all affect our perceptions of light touch, pressure, pain, cold, and vibrations.

"Touch is a vibration. We identified different tactile profiles based on people's perception of touch: non-vibrators, medium-vibrators, and super-vibrators," the Age quoted Derval as saying.

"The super-vibrators are six times more sensitive to touch than others and clearly prefer to wear cotton to silk or wool," added Derval.

"Testosterone-driven" women are more likely to be super-vibrators or medium-vibrators. "Estrogen-driven" women, meanwhile, are more likely to be non-vibrators or medium-vibrators.

The study has been presented at the Society for Behavioural Endocrinology's recent annual meeting.

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