Your Heart-Healthy Eating Plan


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Your Heart-Healthy Eating Plan

Adopt these Dietary Commandments to keep your heart in its best shape.
Research clearly shows that most heart attacks and other forms of coronary heart disease are due to poor lifestyle choices and habits.

1. Cut out butter and cream.

2. Choose extra-virgin olive oil or canola oil.

3. Eat multigrain bread daily.

4. Consume fish at least weekly.

5. Include more and varied fruits and vegetables every day.

6. Eat less and leaner meat.

7. Include a handful of nuts, a serve of tomatoes, and onions (in some form) on most days; these are key components of the Mediterranean diet.

8. Work in some soy—soy milk, soy yoghurt, soybeans or tofu—a few times a week.

9. Enjoy alcohol in moderation: drink wine (or beer) daily, but have only 5 to 20 g of alcohol (up to two standard drinks) per day and no more than 30 g of alcohol (three standard drinks) on any day. Small to moderate consumption is cardio-protective and is associated with better cognitive function in old age.

10. Consider taking Olive Leaf Extract, a natural immune-booster containing high levels of polyphenols that may assist in the maintenance of normal heart function.

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