Your make-up kit must-haves


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Your make-up kit must-haves

Here's how to have a well-organised make-up kit

While you may arrange and clean your cupboard every few months, how often do you clean out your make up kit? Keeping (and using) outdated products is long known to harm your skin. So why keep them? If anything in your kit smells bad or seems faded, toss it out! A product that is way past its date is can cause bad breakouts or even eye infections.

- Your mascara should ideally be replaced every six months and foundations every 12 to 15 months. Clean lipsticks can be used for a couple of years and powder products like blushers and shadows even longer provided they are kept clean.

- All too often women wonder what to do with half-used lipsticks that are clean but have broken. Experts suggest you put them in a small transparent plastic boxes , which will help you see what colours you have and even mix and match them. You can do the same to compact powders and blushers that have broken down.

- Many times it so happens that women end up buying cosmetics they think they don't own. Take stock of what you have. This way you can avoid buying the same shade of lipstick and eyeshadow when you're out shopping.

- How many times have you bought something without being sure of how to apply it? You can never be too young to have a fun make-up session at home. You can do it alone taking helping of the Internet for easy tips of with a couple of your friends!

- Always keep your make-up tools in good condition. Discard dirty sponges and wash your brushes often. Take a small amount of your hair conditioner in warm water and soak your brushes for some time. Lay them flat and let them dry naturally.

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