Your practical guide to weight loss


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Jul 5, 2011
Your practical guide to weight loss

Let's face it, none of us find weight loss easy. Common perception is that weight loss is a science for trainers, a blessing for supermodels and a harrowing task for the rest of us.

Today, we get behind the weight loss scene and bring you a practical weight loss guide that will help you decipher its finer points. So, if you want to lose weight, then here are 10 pointers that are easy to understand and will help you lose those extra kilos and keep them off for good.

Understand where energy comes from and how to burn only fat.
When you exercise you're burning proteins, carbs and fats depending on your workout. Burning these components results in energy, but we are interested in burning calories. Regular exercise will help to lose weight, but your body should adjust to a healthy adaptation. This means, your cells should learn to burn unwanted fat without an effort, regular exercise should enhance your body like improves the circulation of blood. It is suggested, to increase metabolism one should lift weights.

Adopt the 80-20 principle in weight loss
If you're a party animal or love to try out new places, you will tend to binge on food. But if you want to lose weight, here's what you should do. If you're out for dinner, your 80 percent aim should be to avoid ordering food that uses processed food or food that is soaked in oil, au contraire, go for grilled dishes; while the 20 percent incentive should be a good glass of wine. As for dessert go for the 70 - 30 ratio.

Avoid spot targeting, a major mistake in weight loss efforts
Repeat after us - spot targeting does not work. This one is a rookie mistake. A lot of first time weight loss warriors believe that if they want to lose weight from a particular body part, then they only need to exercise that body part. So, people with paunches attempt a hundred sit ups, people with flabby arms stick to bicep curls and people with thunder thighs invest in squats.

However, what all of them need to know is that such spot targeting simply does not work. To lose weight in one spot, you have to first exercise the entire body. Ever heard the phrase - the place you put it on first, is the last one you lose it from? Well, it's true. The only way to lose weight in one or all parts of the body is to follow a strict routine of cardio, strength training, balance, flexibility and healthy eating.

Make your own to-do list for weight loss
Before embarking on any big project, it is common practise to outline a carefully planned to-do list. Why not do the same for your weight loss efforts? The five musts on any weight loss to-do list are: Fitness training, bad carbs control, full body resistance training, protein inclusion and being active everyday.

Nip it in the bud - banish more weight gain
Many times, it turns out that people put on more weight while trying to lose weight. Before you question the logic behind this state of affairs, take a look at fad diets. These are what damage metabolic health, impairing it for a long time to come. Therefore, stay away from any diet that tells you to give up on any essential nutrients like carbs, fats and proteins. It is important to know what makes you add the extra pounds, so nip extra weight gain in the 'butt.'

Which brings us to our next point - beware of weight loss scams
Most of us are brainwashed by publicity stunts, even when it comes to diets. We literally judge the book by its cover. We fail to ask questions or prod at the fine lines and end up following the trend blindly. Don't fall for scams like weight loss creams, body firming gels, vibrating bands that knock off pounds while you sleep and diets that tell you to eat a turnip for dinner.

Learn to distinguish which weight loss is good for you
You have to be aware that there are a lot of weight loss programs and you need to know all are not designed to suit you. Fitness comes in many different types of programmes. If you like dancing, for instance, you will never enjoy weight training. Keep the essentials in mind, i.e., resistance, cardio, core, balance, flexibility, and experiment with different types of workouts. The same applies for meal plans. Understand which nutrients you need every day and in what quantity, then attach this knowledge to an eating pattern that suits your body type and caloric requirements.

Socialise and still lose weight
Even though popular belief says that alcohol will add pounds to your figure, we give you hope. If you had a choice between a Pina Colada, Mimosa or Irish Cream, what will you choose? Simple decisions you make will have a big effect on your body in the long run. Stay happy, drink healthy (but don't drive, if you do drink).

Focus on making sure that your metabolism runs like a well-oiled machine
Metabolism is a chemical reaction that speeds up the breakdown of organic matter either for energy or for growth. There are few ways to develop this process and enhance metabolism that you can do on a regular basis like have breakfast, consume protein based food and get chromium in your diet. Exercise is an excellent metabolism booster.

Unhealthy weight loss will make your skin sag. Avoid it.
When you lose weight, the unhealthy way, your skin wants to contract but the end result is sagging skin. But there are ways to avoid sagging skin after weight loss. Firstly, avoid losing weight rapidly; stop weight gain and reverse it right now, as the older you get, the more weight loss will make your skin sag; drink plenty of water and follow a healthy diet. As always, exercise is the best way to ensure that your skin remains supple and tight.
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Jul 26, 2012
dear viji, really useful ways and practical guidelines you have given for reducing the weight. thanks

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