Your under eye dark circles guidebook


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Jul 5, 2011
Your under eye dark circles guidebook

Fighting dark circles seems like a dying cause as their stubbornness is only added by the fact that dark circles can be a shadowy curtain on our impeccable skin.

No wonder how well you dress or how perfect your make-up is, dark circles can take the spotlight in a very unattractive manner. Dark circles, bags under the eyes and tired eyes can be unappealing and the sad truth is that no amount of make-up or designer clothes is going to hide dark circles. But there must be a solution, right? Today, we will try to uncover the dark secrets of dark circles and find out the causes of dark circles and ways to prevent and treat dark circles.

What are dark circles?

We have tiny blood vessels, which are like a web under the skin. But these capillaries are so fine that the red blood cells queue up to pass through; in the process some of them leak in the surrounding area. Enzymes are produced during the cleaning up session. The breaking down of these red blood cells leaves them black and blue. The reason why this is so visible is that the skin around the eyes is the thinnest.

Causes of Dark Circles #1

Sinus and Allergies can cause dark circles

If you thought sinus and allergies can only drive you crazy, well it can also be the cause of dark circles. Dark circles around your eyes are a sign for allergies. Histamine reaction and constant rubbing of the eyes are the reasons of the dark circles.

Causes of Dark Circles #2

Anemia and Kidney Infection

Kidney problems or iron deficiencies translates to dark circles. Increase your iron intake and drink plenty of water to reduce dark circles. But before you self-diagnose yourself and claim that anemia and kidney infection is the cause of dark circles, we advise you to get a professional opinion.

Causes of Dark Circles #3

Aging can be responsible of dark circles

Unfortunately, aging not only loses elasticity of the skin but also responsible for dark circles. Aging makes the skin thinning, which increases the chances of damaging the skin and becomes far more visible.

Causes of Dark Circles #4

Sun exposure can cause dark circles

UV rays damages the skin, hence it is important to apply sunscreen under direct sunlight. The sun increases the melanin in the skin and brings it to the surface of the skin. Dark circles are obvious after a trip to the beach or the park.

Causes of Dark Circles #5

Dark circles are attributed to insomnia and lack of sleep

Dark circles appear if you are tired and lack sleep. It is also a reason for bags under your eyes. If you don't sleep enough, your skin turns paler.

Causes of Dark Circles #6

Hormonal changes

When women go through hormonal changes during their period or pregnancy, they will start noticing dark circles. Hormonal changes make the skin paler, enhancing the dark circles around the eyes.

Causes of Dark Circles #7

Lack of nutrition

It is rare but lack of nutrition can make dark circles more noticeable. Lack of iron is one cause of dark circle, but dark circles appear if you lack nutritious diet. A healthy diet or a balanced diet can help you fight dark circles.

Causes of Dark Circles #8


Genes can make the capillaries weak, genes can also be responsible for skin tone and the texture of the skin.

Causes of Dark Circles #9

Smoking and drinking

Late night parties, smoking and drinking can play havoc with your skin and result in dark eye circles. Dark eye circles could be a sign of loss of water from the body (dehydration) due to excessive drinking and intake of caffeinated drinks.

Causes of Dark Circles #10


Dehydration is one of the most common reasons for dark circles under the eyes. The reason is the close proximity to the skin underneath the eye in relation to the underlying bone. When the body does not have a proper amount of water, the symptoms are often evident in this specific area.

Causes of Dark Circles #11

Dark circles and liver disease

Dark circles also indicate liver dysfunction due to various liver ailments. An example of such a liver ailment is hepatitis.

Treatment for Dark Circles #1

Healthy diet

A healthy and nutritious diet filled with vitamins like A, C, K, E and nutrients can help to get rid of dark circles.

Treatment for Dark Circles #2

Avoid unhealthy habits

Smoking, drinking and insomnia are causes of dark circles, but adequate sleep, avoid smoking and alcohol can help you achieve healthy skin. Cutting back or stop smoking and drinking couple of days before an important day can reduce dark circles.

Treatment for Dark Circles #3

Be active

Lack of exercise or fitness can be the cause of dark circles. Lack of activity in your life prevents the follow of blood and oxygen to different parts of the body. Hence you will see dark circles around the eyes if you are inactive.

Treatment for Dark Circles #4

Improve blood circulation

Dark circles appear under the eyes when the circulation is poor, what you can do is slash cold water on your face. Cold water improves the circulation in the body, hence cold shower is a great way to relax and rejuvenate your body after a hot and tiring day.

Treatment for Dark Circles #5

Sun protection

Stepping out in the sun? Don't forget to use sunscreen and sun protection, these sun protection creams can help you reduce and prevent damaging your skin. Damaged skin brings out the dark circles which cause havoc to your flawless skin.

Treatment for Dark Circles #6

Stay hydrated

Lack of water makes the blood vessels to dilate and swell, making it visible under the eyes where the skin is thin. Drinking water will reduce this process. Even caffeine induce drinks can make you dehydrated and enhance dark circles.

Treatment for Dark Circles #7

Moisturise every night

Trying to fight dark circles? Try applying moisturizer every night to keep the kin nourished and hydrated.

Treatment for Dark Circles #8

Apply make up

Not a original idea, but concealer can help you hide the dark circles to a certain extent. If the dark circles are too prominent its time to visit a specialist.


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